Mind Maintenance

We have run 2 day WRAP® courses twice a year for a number of years.  The first staff member who was trained in WRAP® has retired but we now have two staff trained as WRAP® facilitators and they work with other facilitators to run the courses.


A lot of people who attend Airdnua, have done the 2 day course and enjoyed it. It was decided that it would be a good idea to have a session once a week where we can talk about some of the same topics and ideas that we learned about in WRAP®. We decided to call this session Mind Maintenance.


We meet on a Wednesday afternoon, we always start with a group agreement which means we agree together what are the things that we have to make sure happen for the session to be worthwhile. In the last number of weeks we have started doing our own version of a ‘gratitude journal’. Instead of writing down that things that make us happy, we each share one thing that has happened over the last week that we are grateful for or something that made us smile. This gets us thinking about the little things in life that we can be grateful for. Sometimes people say they are grateful for a good night sleep or a kind word from a friend, we are learning to recognise the good things however small or big.

We explore lots of themes related to recovery and wellness and we have a bit of fun at the same time! It helps us to keep the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® on our minds week to week.


“The session gets us thinking more about our wellness, we talk about things like hope, support and helping each other. ” J.B

“Thinking about things you do all the time that make you well and the support you get from other people that can keep you well. Its worthwhile, educational. A good environment for people to express their feelings and their thoughts.” D.O’B








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