What can we do?

Finglas Garda Station


We had a member of An Garda Síochána visit our centre on Monday this week to talk to us about the services the Gardaí provide and to give us some tips on how we can keep ourselves safe.

The talk really focussed on personal responsibility, for example, seat belts when in a car and on a coach and how it is up to us to use seatbelts and how important seatbelts are. The Garda also explained all the parts of her uniform and explained how it keeps her and her colleagues safe.

We discussed mobile phones and how more and more people are being robbed of their phones, we were advised not to take our phones out of our pockets when walking on a busy street especially in the darkness and that a good precaution to take would be to stand in to a shop before answering the phone.

thGZVZN4YD It was very informative. The Garda was really friendly, she asked us to think of a few things that we would like more information on and she agreed to come back another time to share her knowledge with us. We really enjoyed it.


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