A glimpse of the countryside…..


When you think of the Irish countryside, what do you think of?

Well we thought……….fields………lots & lots of fields!!!!!!!

We started this project because we wanted to bring a little bit of the outdoors – indoors. We wanted to create a scene that would be reminiscent of some of our favourite places in Ireland. All over this charming country there are stunning scenes of lush green fields and spectacular beauty.

Our Art Instructor Aine helped us to bring our scene to life with this magnificent mural. Aine used her extensive expertise to assist us in creating this mural. Each and every person in Airdnua, service users and staff alike contributed to this project.

We started by mixing paint to create as many shades of green as we could. Now everyone knows that to make green, you mix yellow & blue, so that’s where we started but it soon spiralled with people adding a touch of purple, a hint of red, a dash of white, a smidgen of black. The end result was a dazzling array of shades of green that we used throughout the course of the project. We were able to work in pairs a lot of the time with one person with a steady hand painting the outline and the other filling in the gap. We all were able to pick and choose from the vast choice of colours.

“I did a bit painting and I am pleased with how realistic looking the picture turned out to be.” E.F

“I done the middle all round, I liked working as part of a team to get it finished.” R.T

“At the beginning, I helped with the sky and some of the trees, I worked with another guy closely, I did the outline and her filled in the gaps. It is great to see it finished.” J.McG

“It was brilliant, green and yellow, I did some of the bushes that you see on the left-hand side of the mural. I really enjoyed it.” F.G

“I painted a bit of the mural, I didn’t think I’d have the patience for painting, I thought I’d make a mess of it but Aine reassured that I would be fine, I was proud of myself for achieving it” H.G

Here is the finished project……



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