New Friends………

Airdnua and Cairdeas Clubhouse have become firm friends over the last few weeks. A staff member from Cairdeas Clubhouse and 2 staff members from here in Airdnua recently did a WRAP Refresher in Bru Caoimhin recently and decided to facilitate a WRAP group together for the two centres.


Logistics had to be considered as Finglas and Bray are on opposite ends of the M50. It was decided that the 16 hour Level One WRAP course would be run over 4 days to allow for travel time between the two locations. Dates were agreed and we kicked off on Wednesday 26th April in Cairdeas Clubhouse. We decided we would take turns to host the course so the gang from Bray came to us here the following Wednesday and so on. On 17th May we welcomed Cairdeas Clubhouse to Airdnua for the 2nd time. They were so welcoming anytime we’ve been in their Clubhouse and we enjoyed playing hosts when they were here.


Its worth doing the WRAP, you learn a lot by participating in the course, I got a certificate and I’m very pleased with it. This was my second time to do the course, I had completed the WRAP a number of years ago but I felt this was a good opportunity to refresh my memory, it’s good to broaden your minds. I use my wellness tools as often as I can, things like spending time with family, going out for a coffee or watching something really good on t.v.

The members from Cairdeas Clubhouse in Bray were lovely. When we went to Bray to do the WRAP they gave us delicious meals and even made sure to have dessert for us. When they came to us in Airdnua we did our best to be good hosts and had home baked scones and muffins to welcome our guests.” A.R.


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