About Airdnua

EVE Airdnua is an occupational services centre for individuals who experience mental health difficulties. EVE Airdnua enhances  the core capabilities and quality of life for people with disabilities.

EVE Airdnua offers individuals flexible and challenging opportunities to develop their life skills and experience a range of settings including centre and community based opportunities.

EVE is a programme within the Health Service Executive, who’s primary ethos is to provide community-based, recovery orientated programmes for adults who experience mental health difficulties, intellectual disabilities, asperger’s syndrome and physical and sensory disabilities. We do this through our network of vocational, rehabilitative and clubhouse services in 21 locations across HSE Dublin North East and HSE Dublin mid Leinster.

EVE Airdnua runs a number of centre based activities which is designed to equip participants with basic personal, social and work related skills to enhance their quality of life and enable them to progress towards an increased level of independence and integration.

Our activities also aims to assist people to manage their lives more effectively. Some of activities on offer are:

  • Independent Living Skills – cookery, food hygiene, budget etc.
  • Health & Fitness – from bootcamp sessions to individual programmes designed by our own gym instructor to accommodate individual needs
  • Mindfulness & relaxation sessions
  • Sewing – from learning the basic stitches to fabulous crafts
  • News N Views – a current affairs discussion group
  • Computers – from a basic introduction to surfing the net

To mention but a few………

In 2016, we will be doing our bit to commemorate the 1916 Rising.  This year we will be offering a cultural programme where we will aim to learn about other countries. We offer various community based educational activities and social and lesiure activities.

We promote the delivery of “person-centred, community based, needs-driven programming” throughout our services.

Contact Details:    

EVE Airdnua

North Road,


Dublin 11

Telephone:           01- 8345888/927

Fax:                       01-  8345961

Email:                    Airdnua@eve.ie



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