Any excuse for a party :)


We decided to jump on the 4th July bandwagon and have a stars and stripes themed day in Airdnua.

We made some decorations, including our own interpretation of the American Flag!!! We made some table decorations.

We kicked off the day with an American movie “Independence Day”. We snacked on pretzels and popcorn as we watched Will Smith save the world!!!!

We invited Castleview over for our BBQ where we served hot-dogs, burgers, corn on the cob and delicious salad.



After lunch we had a karaoke session inspired by American classics, such as Frank Sinatra “New York, New York” and Don McLean “American Pie”


We’re big fans of karaoke in Airdnua and it was really good fun having a themed karaoke, we all picked American songs and there was some great singing!


A fantastic day altogether, thanks to Castleview for joining us!!!



All things artistic……

My name is Martin, I recently moved from Castleview to Airdnua but I continue to attend the art sessions in Castleview as part of their Life Long Link programme. As part of those sessions, I got an opportunity to exhibit some of my work. It was the Finglas Arts Exhibition in St. Canice’s Church of Ireland, Parochial Hall, Church Street, Finglas. It happened on Wednesday 31st May from 1pm-3pm and 6pm – 8pm and again on Thursday from 12pm – 3pm & 5.30pm- 7.15pm. I really enjoyed completing this piece of art and also getting to exhibit with my pals from Castleview.


New Friends………

Airdnua and Cairdeas Clubhouse have become firm friends over the last few weeks. A staff member from Cairdeas Clubhouse and 2 staff members from here in Airdnua recently did a WRAP Refresher in Bru Caoimhin recently and decided to facilitate a WRAP group together for the two centres.


Logistics had to be considered as Finglas and Bray are on opposite ends of the M50. It was decided that the 16 hour Level One WRAP course would be run over 4 days to allow for travel time between the two locations. Dates were agreed and we kicked off on Wednesday 26th April in Cairdeas Clubhouse. We decided we would take turns to host the course so the gang from Bray came to us here the following Wednesday and so on. On 17th May we welcomed Cairdeas Clubhouse to Airdnua for the 2nd time. They were so welcoming anytime we’ve been in their Clubhouse and we enjoyed playing hosts when they were here.


Its worth doing the WRAP, you learn a lot by participating in the course, I got a certificate and I’m very pleased with it. This was my second time to do the course, I had completed the WRAP a number of years ago but I felt this was a good opportunity to refresh my memory, it’s good to broaden your minds. I use my wellness tools as often as I can, things like spending time with family, going out for a coffee or watching something really good on t.v.

The members from Cairdeas Clubhouse in Bray were lovely. When we went to Bray to do the WRAP they gave us delicious meals and even made sure to have dessert for us. When they came to us in Airdnua we did our best to be good hosts and had home baked scones and muffins to welcome our guests.” A.R.

The Green Ribbon in our local community……..

Every Friday a group of ladies from Airdnua go to the Finglas Leisure Centre and participate in the Aqua Aerobics. Over the years we’ve gotten to know lots of the other ladies who attend and we look forward to the chats and the laugh that we have each week. Today we brought down our box of green ribbons. We had a very positive chat about mental health and some of the group talked about their own experience of mental health difficulties and how they look after their wellness.

Everyone was very enthusiastic about supporting the Green Ribbon Campaign. It is a lovely group and everyone is always so welcoming.

The staff in Finglas Leisure Centre are very kind and supported us in giving permission to take the photo and publish it on our Blog.20170512_104302

Saol Clubhouse are getting the conversation started!!!!

Check out this event that Saol Clubhouse are organising. There will definitely be a group from Airdnua getting involved!!! We’re all really looking forward to it and we think its a fantastic way to get people talking about mental health!

Thanks to all members and staff in Saol Clubhouse for organising it again this year!

via Freeze Mob for Green Ribbon Month 19th May. — Saol Clubhouse

A glimpse of the countryside…..


When you think of the Irish countryside, what do you think of?

Well we thought……….fields………lots & lots of fields!!!!!!!

We started this project because we wanted to bring a little bit of the outdoors – indoors. We wanted to create a scene that would be reminiscent of some of our favourite places in Ireland. All over this charming country there are stunning scenes of lush green fields and spectacular beauty.

Our Art Instructor Aine helped us to bring our scene to life with this magnificent mural. Aine used her extensive expertise to assist us in creating this mural. Each and every person in Airdnua, service users and staff alike contributed to this project.

We started by mixing paint to create as many shades of green as we could. Now everyone knows that to make green, you mix yellow & blue, so that’s where we started but it soon spiralled with people adding a touch of purple, a hint of red, a dash of white, a smidgen of black. The end result was a dazzling array of shades of green that we used throughout the course of the project. We were able to work in pairs a lot of the time with one person with a steady hand painting the outline and the other filling in the gap. We all were able to pick and choose from the vast choice of colours.

“I did a bit painting and I am pleased with how realistic looking the picture turned out to be.” E.F

“I done the middle all round, I liked working as part of a team to get it finished.” R.T

“At the beginning, I helped with the sky and some of the trees, I worked with another guy closely, I did the outline and her filled in the gaps. It is great to see it finished.” J.McG

“It was brilliant, green and yellow, I did some of the bushes that you see on the left-hand side of the mural. I really enjoyed it.” F.G

“I painted a bit of the mural, I didn’t think I’d have the patience for painting, I thought I’d make a mess of it but Aine reassured that I would be fine, I was proud of myself for achieving it” H.G

Here is the finished project……


What can we do?

Finglas Garda Station


We had a member of An Garda Síochána visit our centre on Monday this week to talk to us about the services the Gardaí provide and to give us some tips on how we can keep ourselves safe.

The talk really focussed on personal responsibility, for example, seat belts when in a car and on a coach and how it is up to us to use seatbelts and how important seatbelts are. The Garda also explained all the parts of her uniform and explained how it keeps her and her colleagues safe.

We discussed mobile phones and how more and more people are being robbed of their phones, we were advised not to take our phones out of our pockets when walking on a busy street especially in the darkness and that a good precaution to take would be to stand in to a shop before answering the phone.

thGZVZN4YD It was very informative. The Garda was really friendly, she asked us to think of a few things that we would like more information on and she agreed to come back another time to share her knowledge with us. We really enjoyed it.

Vietnam…… what do you know?

We’ve decided to continue our Leisure, “Arts & Culture – International” sessions into 2017. We got together and compiled a list of countries that we’d like to know more about. We took a vote and whittled the list down to 12 countries, one for each month of the year.

January was our month to learn about Vietnam!


We looked at the two largest cities, Ho Chi Minh (which used to be known as Saigon) being the most densely populated and we also learned a little about Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam and has a population of over 7 million. The total population of the country is over 94 million

We used various websites, such as…….

………to discover as much as we could about this fascinating country.

We learned a little bit about the Vietnam War and had a lively discussion on the films that have been made about the war such as “Good Morning Vietnam,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Platoon” and “Forrest Gump.”

We looked at videos and images of Ha Long Bay which is north eastern Vietnam which is very popular spot with tourist and looks beautiful.

We were interested to find out about the food and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Vietnamese dinner that our lovely chef prepared for us. He made his own Vietnamese spring rolls filled with scrumptious vegetables in a crispy wrapping. For our main course we had a sweet & sour style chicken with rice.


In February we are taking a look at Brazil, we’ll let you know how we get on!


Welcome December……

So we’re all very excited in Airdnua to welcome the month of December! We’ve been preparing some cool Christmas decorations as part of our “Seasonal Craft” group and our “Arts& Crafts” group on a Friday



We cut out some old pallets in the required shape. We carefully sanded them and the chose the colours and patterns we wanted to get the look just right.

We added fairy lights to give it that magical festive look.

Happy December to everyone from us all in Airdnua.