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I like going to st.Josephs because I am learning about computers and English.

In English communications level 4 we are doing a project on the Zoo. I am doing the project with another girl and we are shareing all the information we can get on some of the animals. I am writing about the elephants in the zoo.

We are also reading a book called The Plough And The Stars. It is about the 1916 rising. We also watched an old film on the subject.

St. Josephs is a good school, the tutors and other students are great and we all get along with each other. I am going to classes three mid mornings a week and I love it. I also go to Airdnua one day a week when I am in St. Josephs and when I am on summer holidays from school I go to Airdnua two half days and one full day a thNA6T4QHIweek.So I get out of the house most of the week. I f I did not go to either I do not know what I would do. The people and staff are very friendly. It is great.



Dublin Zoo



Back to School


I finished school a long time ago, for years I never considered returning to education. Apart from one cookery course that I completed in Scoil Ide, I hadn’t sat in a classroom for a long, long time.
I started in Airdnua nearly 4 years ago and I was encouraged to join the Communications course on a Tuesday afternoon with Catherine who is the CDETB tutor who comes into Airdnua to give classes, it was FETAC certified and I passed! One of the reasons I signed up to do the course was to improve my concentration, I had noticed that I couldn’t really read a newspaper or a magazine and pay full attention to it. The content of the course wasn’t too difficult but it allowed me to prove to myself that I could succeed. That was 2 years ago and since then I have started reading for pleasure again, I enjoy reading fiction and romance and have finished several books.

Doing the Communications course gave me the confidence to go further.Last year I signed up for English and Computers in St Joseph’s which is the Adult Education Centre in Finglas. The tutors are very nice, they don’t put pressure on you, and are very helpful.
I kept the link with Airdnua and attended half days while I was doing my course, it kept me busy and I like being out and about, mixing with people. It was great to have the link with my Key worker, it was great to have the flexibility to participate in the classes in St. Joseph’s.
Over the summer, I’ve attended Airdnua 4 days a week and it’s been brilliant. I signed up again this year for the classes in St. Joseph’s and I’ve enjoyed it so far, I’ve been able to catch up with my friends from last year and I’m really enjoying the course work. I have reduced my attendance in Airdnua to 2 days.

Learning about the blog

Today as part of our Admin group we learned about the Airdnua blog, we found it interesting and exciting. We knew a little bit about the blog but now we know a lot more.

We learned how to find it on the internet and it was a great learning experience, worth knowing about.

“The blog is worth reading”

“It seems to be the in thing”

“Learning from all the different things people write is very interesting”

“It keeps us linked to the community”

Signed the Admin Group

J. Boyd, L. Byrne, S. Owen

My Airdnua Experience

I’ve been coming to Airdnua for a while now and I really love it!

When I was 16 I did a typing course and really enjoyed so now I like to practise typing in the computer sessions in Airdnua, it’s interesting the things I’m typing,

I really enjoy listening to music on You Tube, I really love music, my favourite songs to listen too are the Lighthouse Family, Phil Collins, UB40, Kylie and Jason, Rick Astley.

I love doing the ILS cookery sessions, learning to how to cook different things and having a cup of tea and a chat.

I like doing art too, I find it very relaxing.

We do Karate on a Tuesday with Brian Caroll  (but we call him Sensei) and that’s great fun.

Relaxation is on a Thursday morning with Carmel, it’s very good for keeping me relaxed, it’s very interesting, we watch lovely scenes of the sea and different things.

By Jackie

What we do in our computer area

On the computers we can use the internet, Microsoft word, Mavis Beacon which I think is good as we can search the net for projects.
I like checking ou the history of Liverpool FC or WWF pay per view.
Between Monday & Friday there are a number of classes on. I normally have my computer class on Thursday morning at 11am

The lads and me working on a project together!
The lads and me working on a project together!
Me on the computer
Me on the computer