New experiences

I started attending the gym in Airdnua in February 2016. When I started I was terrified of using the treadmill and the bike. Margaret helped me through it by staying close to me while I was on it for the first few weeks. Talking to my Keyworker’s helped and I got more confident. We usually use the weights after using the machines and then we do the “cooling down” which I really enjoy.

My challenge is to continuing overcoming my fears. After a year of being in the gym once a week I feel confident using the treadmill. Margaret has talked to me about changing my programme and using heavier weights because I’m getting stronger.

The staff in Airdnua are very encouraging and remind me to think positively! I’m going try best.


Out & About

My name is Kathleen, I’ve been attending Airdnua for a number of years now and I really enjoy it.

Since last year, I’ve been going to a training centre called Castleview which is near Charlestown shopping centre in Finglas, to do art from 10:00 – 12:30pm on a Tuesday. We have done ‘etching’ which is like the black and white illustrations in a novel. They were in an exhibition in the National Art Gallery, Nassau Street for a few weeks. The staff in the gallery framed the pictures we all did. Then this year we did a picture on the important events of 1916 – this was such an important time in Irish history and I enjoyed using it as inspiration. I did a drawing with pencils of the GPO as this was a very important location in the events of the Rising.

The real GPO in Dublin


A new teacher has started with us now he is called Joe and he’s into very modern art at the moment. He put a dustbin on the desk and two old coffee tins and asked us to draw an outline of them. It’s something I’ve never done and I didn’t think it was very pretty to look at. I prefer the Italian Renaissance art.We’re also going to do some fish on transparent laminated paper. We’re doing the picture of the fish on both sides so that it can hung on the glass in the centre and admired from both sides.

I used to do Boot Camp on a Wednesday, it’s a group made up of some Castleview trainees and some Participants in Airdnua. The Boot Camp has been changed this year to a Tuesday. It doesn’t make sense for me to come back to Airdnua after the art so now I stay in Castleview for the day. In between Art & Boot Camp I join in with their smoking cessation and their relaxation sessions.


I enjoy meeting new people and having a chat. The staff in Castleview are lovely and there’s some familiar faces there too!

I love exercise and really enjoy Boot Camp. In my family we were always encouraged to do exercise, it lifts my mood. They say you shouldn’t be sitting all day to so it’s good to be active.

(I hope you enjoy the picture I chose for the image at the front of this blog post. Its a place in Argentina called Rosario.)

Keeping Fit

Hi there ,

IMG_2545My name is Sigrid Glynn.  I am a participant here in Airdnua. I started in April last year. Some of the activities here in Airdnua include the use of the gym, aqua aerobics, boot camp and sport for fun. When I started these sessions, I was obese, I was sixteen and a half stone. In the past few months I lost two and a half stone.

I am so proud of myself, for achieving this goal. I never actually thought that I would succeed. It can be tough at times but my advice is to motivate yourself, persevere and have confidence and say to yourself…….

Keep fit doc

It will be worth it in the end. It is also a challenge. Never say to yourself, I cant do this, always give it a go.

For years I was very upset about my weight I was so upset I would cry when I looked in the mirror. I was so over weight people would ask me….”are you expecting twins?” Life is a fight. I am now motivated and always ready for a challenge. I hope to loose another stone or two until I reach my target weight.



I find that my mental health is much better as I am doing exercise and approaching the situation holistically. They say that that exercise is great for your mental health and I believe this to be true.

Thank you for reading my piece of work. I hope it gives you some inspiration.



My Airdnua Experience

I’ve been coming to Airdnua for a while now and I really love it!

When I was 16 I did a typing course and really enjoyed so now I like to practise typing in the computer sessions in Airdnua, it’s interesting the things I’m typing,

I really enjoy listening to music on You Tube, I really love music, my favourite songs to listen too are the Lighthouse Family, Phil Collins, UB40, Kylie and Jason, Rick Astley.

I love doing the ILS cookery sessions, learning to how to cook different things and having a cup of tea and a chat.

I like doing art too, I find it very relaxing.

We do Karate on a Tuesday with Brian Caroll  (but we call him Sensei) and that’s great fun.

Relaxation is on a Thursday morning with Carmel, it’s very good for keeping me relaxed, it’s very interesting, we watch lovely scenes of the sea and different things.

By Jackie

Dublin City Network”Champions Day”

We were invited by our old friends from Dublin City Council to participate in Dublin City Sports Network “Champions DAY”. it is a sport day for people with physical mental and intellectual disabilities.

A wide range of sport and physical activities were on offer on the day including rugby, athletics, boccia and chair aerobics.Participants rotated around the sport. The event took place in Ballyfermot leisure Canter on Thursday the 2nd of May from 10am- 3am. There was no cost to participate in this event and a free lunch was provided.

Six of us went with a staff member from Airdnua. We met loads of new people, and had lost of fun getting to know them and competing against each other. We were the South-East Group and this was our schedule.

Group 5

South-East Group

Time Sport Location
11:oo-11:25 Athletics Outdoor pitch

11:35-12:00 Chair Aerobics Studio

12:10-1:10 Fun& Games Studio

12:45-1:10 Boccia Hall

1:20-1:45 Soccer Outdoor pitch

1:55-2:20 Lunch Cafe

2:30-2:55 Archery Hall

Each activity has a different leader. We were so excited when our Sensei Brian Carroll was there doing the fun and games. It was great fun. At the end of the day,we all got medals. Lots of us have medals now for the different sporting activities that we do.

We would like to say a big thank you to Dublin City Council, you guys never forget us. Thanks for a great day. We are looking forward to the next one.


For the last couple of years, Dublin City Council funded the experience of learning how to play Badminton with a qualified Badminton Coach. We only had to make a small contribution. It was open to everybody in the centre, but only six of us went in the end, along with a staff member from Airdnua. We were provided with racquets and shuttle cocks, and our coach was called Jackie. She was very funny, showing us what to do, playing with us and having great chat. This year we finished off with a competition against other centers and we brought home a cup to Airdnua. it is the first ever and we have our cup and group photo where everyone can see it. We are very proud of this.


Health & Fitness Programme in Airdnua

We got a new gym in Airdnua a couple of years ago and one of our staff members, Margaret, is a fully trained gym instructor.

I signed up for the gym because it sounded like something I’d really enjoy.

When we started first in the gym, Margaret gave us a little bit of time on our own to learn how to use all the machines.
I’d do anything to keep the weight down and look after my blood pressure and cholesterol, I use the bike and the treadmill.
The gym instructor Margaret would help me to lower the bike because my legs are short and it was great to have her helping.
I also use a sponge ball to give my weak hand & arm a bit more strength.
We always have to remember to bring a bottle of water into the gym – it’s thirsty work!!!!!

I love the gym, I’m happy doing the exercise.

Hannah Glennon


Local Gym

imagesCAHU9J77Local Leisure Centre

Friday 5th July 2013, a small group of us went to visit our local leisure centre.

An instructor from the Gym gave us a guided tour. We saw the studio area. This is where the classes are held each day. We saw the changing rooms which were clean and a high standard. We went upstairs and viewed the gym. It’s a small but lovely gym and had all the equipment that we will need.

We are hoping to commence in two weeks or so ..

We will keep you posted! 😉

Airdnua Sports Centre

My gym story

I started the gym back in 2012 with the help of my one to one instructor.
And gym instructor.

While in the gym I worked hard on the threadmill, squats, weights and I practice the plank with my

At firsh I was nervous but this passed as the weeks went along.

I stayed working in the gym every Monday for one hour. Shortly,I will start The gym in Finglas while our gym in the centre is closed. I hope to achieve- a FETAC certificate in the near future.

I highly enjoy the gym.

D. Hernon

We have a beautiful gym in Airdnua. We had a great instructor who gave us great classes and kept us well fit.

At the moment the gym is closed and we really MISS it. We are going to start sessions down in the local gym in Finglas.

Check out the pictures!



IMG_0893 (2)









IMG_0893 (2)