Hi everyone,

Just a quick note from the I.L.S group in Airdnua.

We’ve been slightly absent from the blog recently – oops! We’ve been so busy making and creating beautiful nibbles and dishes that we haven’t uploaded any pictures or posts.

This week we learned the difference between pancakes and crumpets…….. both equally delicious but a slight variation on each other.

We are also reminding each other regularly about the importance of hand hygiene and hygiene in general when cooking.

Over the last few months we’ve had various discussions on the importance of  “Healthy Eating”……….for every calorie filled dessert we make, we also experiment with how to make nutritious, healthy meals on a budget.



Jam Swiss Roll

ILS in Airdnua


ILS 205

Another day I made a jam swiss roll. It was the first time I ever attempted it.

Preparation time 30 mins and cooking time 12 mins.

It turn out well and we all enjoyed it with tea at dinner.

By Daniel Hernon

ILS 094

Halloween 2014

Spooky Spider

We started our Halloween celebrations with some decorations, the art group made some fabulous posters to try and help decorate the huge space that we have here.

Our take on “Scary Skeleton”
Wicked Witch of Airdnua


IMG_2243Then started chatting about possible costumes we could come up with that wouldn’t cost us anything or that didn’t require huge amounts of work and time. We all agreed that we would make some effort even if it meant wearing a funny hat or having our face painted!IMG_2242IMG_2255
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Easy way to use eggs


Today, I started by chopping up some carrots, green veg and peppers. I slightly fried all the veg and put some herbs over the it.
Then, I mixed the two eggs together and poured the veg into the egg mix and mixed well.

Lastly I sprinkled a pinch of salt and pepper over the egg mix. I poured this mixed into the frying pan and made some omelettes.


Chicken Bake

I used onion, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoe, chicken, pasta, mustard, salt nad pepper.

This took 35 minutes between prep and cook time.

I tasted this dish and it was nice and crunchie with all the veg. Nice flavour, I enjoyed cooking this dish.

Also, I shared this out at lunch time, so people could taste.

chicken 3

chicken 4


Christmas Cake Project



We have 5 different ILS groups here in Airdnua and between us all we have made and iced a Christmas cake.

One group weighed out all the dried fruit and soaked them in alcohol, another group made the cake mix, added the dried fruit and baked the cake. Then it was the turn of another group to make the almond paste and roll it out and add it to the cake, the next day another group made the white icing and created a snow effect, leaving it ready for the really fun part.

DSC00187     DSC00182DSC00184DSC00190 DSC00185DSC00192 

To decorate the cake, we used ready to roll icing to make a snowman and because we didn’t have any other colour except white, we had to be a little bit creative with some sprinkles and some gel icing pens. We rolled out some ball shapes with the ready to roll icing two bigger and two smaller to make two bodies and two heads. we made two hats by creating two flat disc shapes and then a chimney shape for the top of the hat. we rolled the hats in our sprinkles to give them some colour and then used the gel pens to create the snowmen’s face and buttons and a little scarf. We had to do a few practise runs with the gel pens to make sure we got our Christmas message looking well on our cake.




My Airdnua Experience

I’ve been coming to Airdnua for a while now and I really love it!

When I was 16 I did a typing course and really enjoyed so now I like to practise typing in the computer sessions in Airdnua, it’s interesting the things I’m typing,

I really enjoy listening to music on You Tube, I really love music, my favourite songs to listen too are the Lighthouse Family, Phil Collins, UB40, Kylie and Jason, Rick Astley.

I love doing the ILS cookery sessions, learning to how to cook different things and having a cup of tea and a chat.

I like doing art too, I find it very relaxing.

We do Karate on a Tuesday with Brian Caroll  (but we call him Sensei) and that’s great fun.

Relaxation is on a Thursday morning with Carmel, it’s very good for keeping me relaxed, it’s very interesting, we watch lovely scenes of the sea and different things.

By Jackie

Homemade Pizza

20130820_122811This week we decided in our ILS class to be a little bit adventurous and make our own pizza from scratch!

We mixed together flour, salt, basil and then rubbed in some butter. we used milk to make the mixture into a dough. We kneaded the dough and then rolled it out into our best version of a pizza base.

We chopped up some onion, yellow courgette, red pepper and fennel, and some rashers and lightly fried them.
The class yesterday had made enough tomato sauce so didn’t need to make that from scratch, they had pureed some tinned tomato and added salt and pepper and some herbs and they had left it in the fridge for us to use today.

We layered the tomato sauce on the base and the meat and veg, we left it in the oven for 15 minutes and then sprinkled some grated cheese over the top and put it back in the oven for 5 minutes.


Pizza base
125g self raising flour
30g butter
drop of milk
pinch of salt
pinch of basil

Tomato sauce
1/4 tin of tomatoes

You can choose any toppings you like, whatever’s in the fridge or your favourite meats and/or vegetables.