New Friends………

Airdnua and Cairdeas Clubhouse have become firm friends over the last few weeks. A staff member from Cairdeas Clubhouse and 2 staff members from here in Airdnua recently did a WRAP Refresher in Bru Caoimhin recently and decided to facilitate a WRAP group together for the two centres.


Logistics had to be considered as Finglas and Bray are on opposite ends of the M50. It was decided that the 16 hour Level One WRAP course would be run over 4 days to allow for travel time between the two locations. Dates were agreed and we kicked off on Wednesday 26th April in Cairdeas Clubhouse. We decided we would take turns to host the course so the gang from Bray came to us here the following Wednesday and so on. On 17th May we welcomed Cairdeas Clubhouse to Airdnua for the 2nd time. They were so welcoming anytime we’ve been in their Clubhouse and we enjoyed playing hosts when they were here.


Its worth doing the WRAP, you learn a lot by participating in the course, I got a certificate and I’m very pleased with it. This was my second time to do the course, I had completed the WRAP a number of years ago but I felt this was a good opportunity to refresh my memory, it’s good to broaden your minds. I use my wellness tools as often as I can, things like spending time with family, going out for a coffee or watching something really good on t.v.

The members from Cairdeas Clubhouse in Bray were lovely. When we went to Bray to do the WRAP they gave us delicious meals and even made sure to have dessert for us. When they came to us in Airdnua we did our best to be good hosts and had home baked scones and muffins to welcome our guests.” A.R.


Vive le France!!!!

Today is what’s commonly known as “Bastille Day” but known in France as “la fete nationale”.

As part of our year long Leisure, Art’s & Culture” programme in Airdnua we have focused our attention this month on France.

After having watched so many of the Euro 2016 matches, we were all looking forward to dedicating the month of July to France and it’s no coincidence that it happens to be the month of their national celebration.

Last week we brainstormed about all the things we know about France, we listed all the famous French people, cities, landmarks, food, drinks etc. that we have a little knowledge on and then we used the power of Google to answer some questions that we didn’t know the answers to.

Today we focused on a little bit of French history and learned about the Storming of the Bastille and how they have celebrated the date as a National celebration ever since. We watched a video of the military parade that is held every year on the Champs Elysees. We also learned that the Eiffel Tower was erected in Paris in 1889 to celebrate the 100 years since the French Revolution.

Taking care of ourselves!

 19th March 2015

PD is personal development. It’s one of the modules that have been added to our new timetable. Most of us participate in this session once a week. We learned lots of different things here.

Hand washing was one of the things that we did, “you should wash your hands before meals and after you go to the bathroom and before preparing food,” we need to keep clean tissues handy just in case you cough or sneeze.


We did posture – how should you stand or sit down.  If we don’t sit or stand properly it can cause pain in different parts of our bodies.


We talked about all of these things and watched videos on the internet and then we got to practice which was a bit of fun.


Written and contributed by M. Foley

In 1981 I went to a psychologist for counselling. The counselling helped me tremendously. I became aware of my self confidence as poorly. Talking about faults and failings was important to the counselling progress. The counsellor was a person with whom I could trust. She said I was too hard on myself. In time, I learned to practice the advice that was given to me.

During the counselling process I became interested in psychology. I enrolled in University College Dublin for an extra mural course in psychology. This was an introduction to psychology. My favourite writer was Sigmund Freud. His books seemed to be written in plain English which made the books easy to understand. There was childhood psychology, adolescent psychology and adult psychology. A|ll of these were mentioned in the course that I went to. In the late ’90’s I did another course in psychology. This was an introduction to psychology. The course was an introduction to psychology at the Rathmines College, Rathmines. Relaxation was talked about, phobia, and other aspects of psychology. By attending the classes I met people with the same interests. It was nice to meet people in the evening of the classes. I took notes and these notes were important to the learning process. Leaflets were handed out at the classes rather than learning from a book.

Personal Development

PERSONAL development

Personal Development Level 1 2012-2013

I have completed the level 1 personal development with the help of my key worker Linda. This course was not hard it was enjoyable.

Some of the modules I covered are relaxation techniques, personal safety, breathing techniques to keep calm alongside practicing these techniques after every gym session. Also, risks in the workplace and in the community enviroment.

Daniel Hernon