Animal Magic!

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Billy created this wonderful piece of art by using an old piece of wood, painting it white and then painting this beautiful animal.







Twit Twoo!!!!

Fun Facts

Owls are stereotyped for their hooting calls, but a number of species don’t hoot at all.

Eagle owls are among the largest winged hunters on the planet and combine their size with incredible ferocity.

Owls are often referred to as “birds of prey,” but these nocturnal hunting birds share no relation to hawks, eagles, or falcons, which are known as diurnal birds of prey

A large part of what makes owls such effective hunters is their ability to hear exceptionally well, while remaining silent themselves.

Check out this website, really interesting reading;



We decided to do our own version of some owls for brightening up our outdoor area.





Shelter from the cold!





Hi everyone, today i am going to tell you about building our Bird Houses.

We try to let nothing go to waste in Airdnua, after we made our upcycled garden benches, there were some left over odds and ends of pallets.

First we broke up the old wooden pallets and made them into long strips of wood. Then we sanded them down to make them smooth. Then we cut them into different sizes.

1 For the base

2 For the sides.

3 For the roof.

Then we screwed them together,




Finally we painted them with loads of different beautiful, bright colours and we’re very proud of them!


Our Garden




We made some wooden planters using old pallets and brightened them  using some paint.


We lined them and added compost.


We each were given a strawberry plant to water and take care of. We planted our own strawberries ourselves and put our name on them.




It was the beginning of June when we planted them and we’re already seeing results!!!!!

_MG_2621        IMG_2640


Up-cycled tins

Totem poles are traditionallyy carved from wood and are an important cultural representation for people in Alaska, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

Totem poles can be a way to represent a story, a way to record history. Totem poles can also be used to represent a clan, a tribe, an individual or a family.We decided to create our own totem pole.

Using some old tin cans (once home to baked beans) we stripped them of their labels and covered them with white paper. Each of us individually chose our own theme……………..



IMG_2575Marie decided to focus on bright beautiful  flowers.

Barbara chose shapes representing objects and possessions.

Helen McC is interested in Star signs and the zodiac.

Irene chose leaves and trees signifying the earth.

Billy was inspired by the birds around us.

Helen H was influenced by the beauty of the night sky.




 We then added a beak and wings as you would see in traditional totem poles. Helen H used papier maches to create the beak.

Overall we were very pleased with our efforts.  We like to think that our totem pole represents the world around us but also the community here in Airdnua and the respect we have for all the beauty provided by nature.