New Friends………

Airdnua and Cairdeas Clubhouse have become firm friends over the last few weeks. A staff member from Cairdeas Clubhouse and 2 staff members from here in Airdnua recently did a WRAP Refresher in Bru Caoimhin recently and decided to facilitate a WRAP group together for the two centres.


Logistics had to be considered as Finglas and Bray are on opposite ends of the M50. It was decided that the 16 hour Level One WRAP course would be run over 4 days to allow for travel time between the two locations. Dates were agreed and we kicked off on Wednesday 26th April in Cairdeas Clubhouse. We decided we would take turns to host the course so the gang from Bray came to us here the following Wednesday and so on. On 17th May we welcomed Cairdeas Clubhouse to Airdnua for the 2nd time. They were so welcoming anytime we’ve been in their Clubhouse and we enjoyed playing hosts when they were here.


Its worth doing the WRAP, you learn a lot by participating in the course, I got a certificate and I’m very pleased with it. This was my second time to do the course, I had completed the WRAP a number of years ago but I felt this was a good opportunity to refresh my memory, it’s good to broaden your minds. I use my wellness tools as often as I can, things like spending time with family, going out for a coffee or watching something really good on t.v.

The members from Cairdeas Clubhouse in Bray were lovely. When we went to Bray to do the WRAP they gave us delicious meals and even made sure to have dessert for us. When they came to us in Airdnua we did our best to be good hosts and had home baked scones and muffins to welcome our guests.” A.R.


WRAP® Refresher

Hi my name is Mairead and for the last 2 days I participated in a WRAP® Facilitation Refresher Training in EVE, Brú Chaoimhín, Cork Street.

WRAP® stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan® and it was developed by a lady called Mary Ellen Copeland back in 1997 with a group of individuals who had lived experience of mental health challenges. WRAP® is now used for all sorts of reasons by people all over the world.

The course was facilitated by Kristin and Edel and there was 13 of us attending the course, all of whom were staff or service users in various EVE centres.

It was a great opportunity to brush up on WRAP® and to hear any changes that have been made since I did my initial training in 2013. The two days also provides a space to listen to each other and to share ideas and knowledge as a group.

As part of the Refresher Training there was a couple of practicums that we had to complete some of us were a bit nervous about getting up in front of everyone but it is good practise for when we are facilitating  WRAP® groups ourselves.

The following is some information from the website

WRAP is . . .

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP®, is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to get well, stay well and make their life the way they want it to be. It was developed in 1997 by a group of people who were searching for ways to overcome their own mental health issues and move on to fulfilling their life dreams and goals.  It is now used extensively by people in all kinds of circumstances, and by health care and mental health systems all over the world to address all kinds of physical, mental health and life issues.

WRAP has been studied extensively in rigorous research projects and is listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

WRAP Will Help You:

  • Discover your own simple, safe Wellness Tools
  • Develop a list of things to do every day to stay as well as possible
  • Identify upsetting events, early warning signs and signs that things have gotten much worse and, using Wellness Tools, develop action plans for responding at these times
  • Guide you through the process of developing a Crisis Plan or Advance Directive
  • Introduce you to Post Crisis Planning

WRAP is for anyone, any time. It will support you in being the way you want to be and doing the things you want to do.

“When the group developed WRAP, I was so impressed that I went home and wrote one for myself.  As I began to live WRAP, my life changed dramatically.  Over time I felt better and better and better.  WRAP is a way of life for me—a great life.”

Mary Ellen Copeland. PhD





Mind Maintenance

We have run 2 day WRAP® courses twice a year for a number of years.  The first staff member who was trained in WRAP® has retired but we now have two staff trained as WRAP® facilitators and they work with other facilitators to run the courses.


A lot of people who attend Airdnua, have done the 2 day course and enjoyed it. It was decided that it would be a good idea to have a session once a week where we can talk about some of the same topics and ideas that we learned about in WRAP®. We decided to call this session Mind Maintenance.


We meet on a Wednesday afternoon, we always start with a group agreement which means we agree together what are the things that we have to make sure happen for the session to be worthwhile. In the last number of weeks we have started doing our own version of a ‘gratitude journal’. Instead of writing down that things that make us happy, we each share one thing that has happened over the last week that we are grateful for or something that made us smile. This gets us thinking about the little things in life that we can be grateful for. Sometimes people say they are grateful for a good night sleep or a kind word from a friend, we are learning to recognise the good things however small or big.

We explore lots of themes related to recovery and wellness and we have a bit of fun at the same time! It helps us to keep the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® on our minds week to week.


“The session gets us thinking more about our wellness, we talk about things like hope, support and helping each other. ” J.B

“Thinking about things you do all the time that make you well and the support you get from other people that can keep you well. Its worthwhile, educational. A good environment for people to express their feelings and their thoughts.” D.O’B







New experiences

I started attending the gym in Airdnua in February 2016. When I started I was terrified of using the treadmill and the bike. Margaret helped me through it by staying close to me while I was on it for the first few weeks. Talking to my Keyworker’s helped and I got more confident. We usually use the weights after using the machines and then we do the “cooling down” which I really enjoy.

My challenge is to continuing overcoming my fears. After a year of being in the gym once a week I feel confident using the treadmill. Margaret has talked to me about changing my programme and using heavier weights because I’m getting stronger.

The staff in Airdnua are very encouraging and remind me to think positively! I’m going try best.

World Mental Health Day 2016


World Mental Health Day is being celebrated on Monday 10th October 2016.

We wanted to do our part so we decided to share some of our thoughts on ways we keep ourselves well.

We spent 2 Fridays on this project, the whole centre got together and made a list of all the things we do to keep ourselves well, or the things we do that brighten us up if we’re having a bad day.




We discussed how all these things would be different for each individual but also how we might inspire each other or some of you reading this post to do something nice.

After we brainstormed we chose one thing that we felt was important and we either wrote it down or drew a picture to convey what we meant.

We have proudly displayed them in our centre.






A Day in the Sun

With budgets tight in the HSE we decided to plan a day trip for the whole centre that cost as little money as possible. We decided to schedule the day trip during Heritage Week so that we could avail of a free tour of Ardgillan Castle, we booked the tour in advance. We then phoned some of the other EVE centres and asked if we could borrow their people carriers, we had 4 in total on the day so we could fit all those who wished to go on the day.

We began our day by setting up our own little café in the ILS room, the ILS group baked some delicious scones which we enjoyed with tea and coffee before setting off on our adventure.

Café Airdnua

We drove in convey to Ardgillan Castle, some of us had visited the grounds before and for others it was our first time. The view as we arrived took our breath away, the blue skies and sunshine helped of course!

The view from the driveway in Ardgillan Castle


The gang enjoying the views


Stunning views

We were divided into two groups and brought inside the magnificent building. We were given a little bit of the history about the family that owned it and how they used the house.

The main rooms were stunning with loads of beautiful detail, the woodwork and fireplace.

We learned that each room has a discreet bell beside the fireplace to alert the staff downstairs that the family needed their attention.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The small library was stunning and it was so interesting to see that the financial records that were written all those years ago are still in perfect condition today.

The servants quarters were really interesting to see, you had to go down the basement, it really feels like stepping back in time with all the old cooking equipment.

We had packed a picnic and sat out in the sunshine on some picnic benches outside the main are of Ardgillan Castle.

Then we went on and drove to Skerries. We managed to make time for ice-cream while taking in the lovely beach side atmosphere!

 Beautiful scenery in Skerries

Blue Skies

It was so lovely to be out in the sunshine with almost everyone from the centre, it really was a very enjoyable day!

On the way home!!!

My story by Margaret F.


M Feeney

I am attending Airdnua for many years. I like coming 4 days a week. I have a lot of friends here and get a lot of support.

I used to attend 5 full days but over the years I have gotten involved in so many activities in the community that now I’m so busy I only attend half days.

I  leave after lunch on Mondays to go to ”St. Helena’s” Tir Na Og. I  get the 40 bus down there and arrive at 2 O’clock in Finglas. We sometimes play bingo, watch films, learn how to do flower arrangement and other activities there. We have sandwiches and tea. In the summer time we have outings to different places. It gets us out for 2 hours or so, it usually finishes around 4 pm. I have been going to St. Helens for 9 years now and I like it because I meet nice people there. There are about 30 people who attend it every week. . I heard about it from a friend going to bingo on Friday. I heard about the  classes and joined Tir Na O’g then in St Helena’s.


On Tuesday afternoon, after an enjoyable morning in Airdnua, I visit my doctor and do all my errands.

On Wednesday afternoon I go to “Friends of the Elederly” in Bolton St. It gets me out, we get tea or coffee and biscuits and ice cream, also there is usually a raffle.  We also have music, singing and dancing. Everything is free there. I have a few friends there. I enjoy going there.It is over at 4p.m.


On a Thursday I spend the morning doing some more errands and organising some things in the hostel where I live and I arrive into Airdnua at 12.30. This means I get to have a nice lunch with my friends here and have some fun listening to and joining in with the karaoke. I love music. My favourite song at the moment is “Wagon Wheel”.

In Airdnua, I do lots of activities including Computers, Relaxation, Yoga and other things.






Art Exhibition

We go an email from our colleauges in Goirtin to tell us about their latest venture…………

 ‘Little Miracles’ Art Exhibition is a collaboration between two Dublin Mental Health service providers- HSE EVE Goirtin Centre, and H.O.P.S. Rehabcare.  EVE Goirtin is a HSE Hub programme which aims to support individuals in the community, based in Grangegorman, Dublin 7. H.O.P.S (Harrison’s Opportunities & Placement Service) is a Rehabcare community day service based in Dublin 2. The exhibition will run in Cabra Library from September 3rd to September 18th.

            The collaboration between the Goirtin artists and the H.O.P.S. poets came about through the shared love of the creative arts, and a desire from the participants of both centres to meet new people and share their creative work with a wider audience.

Today we made a trip to Cabra Library to visit the Goirtin Art Exhibition, we had a fabulous morning, there was a warm welcome as we arrived and a lovley spread of tea, coffee, etc. for us to enjoy as we were given a guided walk of the beautiful pieces of art. Members and staff from Goirtin were full of enthusiasm for the beauty of the pieces that had been carefully displayed.

            The inspiration for the visual artworks made by Goirtin’s artists came from ‘Prisms’ a book of poetry which had been produced by the poets of H.O.P.S. Creative Writing group. The poems in the ‘Prisms’ collection vary tremendously, ranging from funny to sad, romantic to philosophical, and running the gamut of the human experience. The artists from Goirtin took these poems as a basis for producing new original artworks.

art exhibit art

A couple of examples of how the artists from Goirtin merged their beautiful pictures with the inspiring words of the H.O.P.S. poets.


 “I like the gold colour in the masks and the combination of colours, a piece of fine art….classic……”




  “I thought she was nice, it reminds me of mermaids, I like the background”





“I like the fish, the shells, the octopus. I think it’s beautiful, really well done”  Fergus

“The flowers are lovely, I like the fish and the star fish and anemone, the blues and green are beautiful.”    Irene


“The colours in this piece were very striking, it caught my eye immediately.”  


“He’s small, he’s cute, he looks young. Amazing looking.”


“These were two of my favourites, I love the use of the wood and the intricacy of the work.”  Mairead


There was also an exquisite display of some photograph displayed today, some of beautiful flowers, statues, scenes from Dublin.

My favourite piece today was a photograph of a roadway that I think might have been on Clontarf, it looked quite familiar to me. There was a rainbow in the photograph which made it very interesting.” Pascal

Overall, it was a great display and a very enjoyable way to spend a morning, don’t forget it runs until 18th September and we, in Airdnua, would strongly encourage people to check it out 🙂

Grand Finale Freeze Mob

he Grand Finale Freeze Mob

After the success of the first freeze mob it was decided to do a grand finale……


The Airdnua crew decided to meet at the Spire before we went to meet the rest of the EVE gang.


We all met in Henry Street at 11.15 on Friday 29th May, there was a busy crowd on Henry Street as you would expect and this time the weather was bright and sunny. Edel gave us the parameters of the freeze so as to keep us all in the one area and reminded us that there would be whistle blown to signal to us that it was time to freeze! There was a great atmosphere amongst the EVE crowd (sure we all love getting together… any excuse for a chat and catching up with old friends and making new ones) so we knew the format and we’d all been practising our poses so we were rearing to go!

The High Hopes choir joined us again and they were brilliantly fantastic! The sang beautifully and really added to the overall effect. They attracted quite a crowd and everyone seemed to really enjoy their music.

All in all another great success!